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Small scale Hunter Valley earthmoving contractors for commercial, development and residential projects.

About GBA Contractors

GBA Contractors has worked in the commercial earthmoving sector since our inception in 2010, providing small-scale excavation and earthmoving solutions for a vast number of clients and jobs. This includes working on major constructions and supporting commercial building companies on large-scale projects.

Our commercial earthmoving contractors have a primary focus on small-scale earthmoving projects in the Upper Hunter Valley. (We can also accommodate jobs further afield as far as Tamworth, Newcastle, Dubbo, and Sydney).

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Hunter Valley Earthmoving Services

We provide the following earthmoving services

GBA Contractors trenching on-site


Trenching for plumbers and electrical providers, for installation or repair plumbing and electrical systems.

Hunter Valley earthmoving contractors GBA Contractors site rehabilitation project

Site Rehabilitation

For construction and building projects, including but not limited to top soiling, levelling, site clearing, road repairs. Excludes mining rehabilitation.

Site cleanup earthmoving

Site Clean-Up

Focused on cleaning up and clearing waste, including building and construction materials, from a worksite.

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GBA Contractors is committed to the complete satisfaction of all our clients and exceeding your expectations in terms of our reliability, quality of service, cost-effectiveness, and integrity.

Graham is your single point of contact with us and our reliability, professionalism, personalised approach, and competitive prices are unparalleled.

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Our Fleet Includes

Bobcat 5-Tonne Excavator

Tilt mud bucket; 300, 450 & 600mm trenching buckets

Bobcat 2-Tonne Excavator

Tilt mud bucket; 300 & 450mm trenching buckets; ripper

Bobcat TS450 Posi Track

(55 Horsepower) 4 in 1 bucket; levelling bar

Excavation Services for Construction & Trade

Quality excavation and earthmoving services are crucial to the success of many construction and trade projects. 

These service can include removing earth and materials, creating trenches, and levelling areas. Excavation and trenching are critical for foundation work for construction and development projects, and installing underground utilities for plumbing and electrical work.

With quality equipment and a skilled and experienced operator, GBA Contractors will help the excavation for your next project run smoothly and efficiently.

Earthmoving Contractor Services We Offer

Upper Hunter Valley Residential Earthmoving

Earthmoving and excavation services are required for many different residential projects such as retaining walls, site preparation, driveways, landscaping and foundations.

GBA Contractors has the right equipment, experience, and expertise to get the job done for you without fuss and, by having a single point of contact for all clients and all jobs, our personalised service is unrivalled in our industry.

We have worked on many, many residential jobs over more than a decade and we can work in collaboration with your builder, landscaper, or other relevant contractors.

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Residential Earthmoving Services We Offer

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